Saturday, August 18, 2007

Doubts Cast on a 13 year-old Blogger

Much has been said about this amazing 13 year old blogger who has made a name in the blogging world and there has been a lot of controversy and speculations about the real identity of this kid. Yes he is a kid as he claims to be and he is the author of "Make Money Online with a 13 year old", whether you believe it or not.

Raising some hot issues:

1. Can Carl really authora "Make Money Online with a 13 year old" Blog? Can a kid as young as 13 years, who is the early days of puberty really write as professional and as sharp as his articles in his blog portray?

My stand:
But i am inclined to believe that at some point, it is not Carl's mind that is speaking through his posts. Why? On my personal judgment, Carl may be exceptional but is it really possible for a high school student who spends most of his time at school starting at 7:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, exclusive of the back and forth school preparation, homework making at home, and other school related activities, to focus on making money online and in making a professional, functional blog. Everyone knows that making money online is for real and everyone knows as well that it takes a lot of hard work, plenty of time to succeed in this field.

Does it mean that Carl has to spend most of his out of school time online? If so, after school, Carl rests, eats, does some homeworks, and goes online. I wonder what time of the night does he sleep? Well, to be as successful blogger, it doesnt mean you have to face your computer all the time. But the point of the matter is that it takes a lot of your time. Could Carl have managed all of these by himself? Obviously not! Someone, which in my belief is his father, backed him up and even at some point if not most of the time, does the work for him.

2. What if the real person behind his blog is not Carl, the 13 year old? Is this deception?

My Stand:
Of course it is deception per se, making people believe you are someone when in fact you are not what you claim to be. Deception is wrong because you play with people's minds. You benefit on a lie. Who's interest wouldn't be aroused by the idea of a super kid blogger? The idea of a kid blogger is very very interesting and unique.

At the other side, ghost writing could be involved here and i don't treat this as any form of deception.Carl could be the real owner of his blog. But Carl's father who is an SEO expert could write for him, and this fact alone, erases all doubts as to how Carl manages to write the way he does in his blog.


RollinMao said...

To some extent, I agree to this. I can't believe a 13 year old kid can actually do SEO which took me weeks (with the help of some SEO tools) to do it. And also, if I am not wrong, some paying companies like Adsense or Clickbank needs at least 18yr old to participate.
Charlie Tan

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