Sunday, August 26, 2007

Money Making With Pay-ads

As resourceful and innovative as i am, i have come up with a new design for this blog and a new money making opportunity. For those who want a design similar to this blog or with the previous design, you can find all the most professional-looking, nicest templates at these sites:
Professional Blog

For my new money making site discovery- it's Pay-ads.
Important facts about this site:

What are the ways to earn money?

You'll get paid for reading emails, clicking PTC or PTS banners. Also you can earn from 1 referral levels. And the most you can earn by referring advertisers to Your account will be credited by 0% of the ad price that advertisers (referred by you) purchase!

Mode of Payment: Paypal ($1.00/auto payout) and E-gold ($.10 minimum/auto payout)

Who can join? Anyone. Worldwide members accepted.Good news for filipinos like me!

Pay-ads has paid me twice through e-gold. I got less than a dollar from them. Pay-ads does not pay per click but by impression. While they say that one can get paid for reading emails, clicking ptc or pts banners, i have not received any email nor have come across any ptc or pts banners in my Pay-ads account. Also they only accept traffic from specific countries. Oops before i forget, joining is entirely free.


Haroon said...


I have been paid by Pay-ads many times. And the total added up to 8.7$ which i have earned and got paid with in a week.

Get more info about Pay-Ads and many other paying programs with payment proof here at my blog.

Make Money Online At Earning Blog


lady influence said...

thanks haroon. i was paid by pay-ads a couple of times too..

money maker said...

same with me... please check other programs in may blog

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