Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Advertise Your Resume at Blogger Jobs

make money online, make money at homeIf you are a professional or freelance writer and you want to make money through paid writing opportunities, then Blogger Jobs can help you out. Blogger Jobs is not hiring bloggers but provides bloggers and freelance writers a venue to advertise their resume or writing skills, and be exposed to companies/persons on the lookout for new talent.

Simply fill up their Contact form with the following information

  • Resume/CV (a link to an online version would be preferred)
  • Links to your existing bodies of work. This can include, among others:
    • Your own blogs/websites
    • Past and present blogs/websites you’ve written for
    • Other pertinent information

Blogger Jobs is yet another way to get be directly hired and make money online. Visit their site here for further details.


geminicorp said...

Thanks for the tips. It helps a lot!

by the way, have you heard about video resume?

A video resume is a short video created by a candidate for employment and uploaded to the Internet for prospective employers to review. And The video resume describes the individual's skills and experience and is is typically used to supplement a paper resume.

People around the world are crazy about it. They said its latest thing.. Lets go get it!!"

Take a look at this:


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