Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Personalized News

Thoof is a relatively new website that promises to give your personalized news and information. Thoof do sound like some ancient magical word to me.

Personalization Algorithm
Thoof has a special Personalized News
Through this algorithm, users can access news and information based on individual likes and preferences on the very first visit. Thoof does not assume that all users like or are interested in one same topic. Thoof delivers unique, distinct information according to the user’s interest, hence the “personalized news”.

Thoof Democracy
Thoof also gives it’s users the power to propose changes or addition to posted content. Users have a say to the news and information they view on the site. Something very unique of Thoof that is not provided by any other news and information websites.

More User Involvement
Thoof is not a passive information giving site. It works as an active community.

  1. As a user you can actually judge a story by communicating to Thoof that the information you read is interesting or is not interesting. There is also an “improve button”, which a user can click if he thinks a certain story or news needs some improvement.
  2. You can be one of the information giver by submitting your own stories or news to the site. By submitting your own story you are entitled to a ThoofRank which represents how interesting your story is.

Thoof can bring traffic to your site
Yes, that is very true. If you have a good story or information to share, then submit it at thoof. Users who click on the story you submitted can be redirected to your site and boom that’s additional traffic for your blog.

Thoof is a free site. No money involved in joining. So go visit the site here.


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