Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting My Blog A New Look

Obviously, am the type of person who easily gets bored with my blog templates. Here I am again changing my template. Am still tweaking and putting back all the elements in my blog, but am encountering some problems like inability to move the widgets from one position to the the other. I've tried all means there is and I've looked into all the help I could get online but nothing works. I hope this is just another glitz from blogger and things will return to normal soon.

Still tweaking and enhancing this blog's overall look. Please do report any errors you find so I can act on it! :)


spit said...

the template is good.. where did you get it?

lady influence said...

got this template from thanks for the visit. what do you think of the template?

Jazmanie said...

I've read your comment on my blog. Yes you're right the page elements couldn't be moved. Although tried so many times.

I've reported to Jack about that and few bugs, hope he will be able to resolve it.

Nice blog you have here, I couldn't use the original function so I decided to redesign the template. you can see it here:

Please give comments of any malfunction links. thanks.

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