Sunday, September 9, 2007

Make Money Using Photos

Your photos can make you earn. Sites which pay you for your photos:

1. Shareapic

Upload photos and earn money. $0.22 per 1000 image impressions or views. Members can also make money from Google ads by displaying the ads in their picture galleries.

Mode of Payment: Paypal minimum of over $20.

2. Citizen Image

Sell photos or images and earn 50% of net proceeds. Citizen Image allows photographers to upload images from a mobile phone or computer. Built from a community of people armed with digital devices, Citizen Image supplies their newsworthy images and creative photographs to the media outlets that matter. It's a place where the average person as well as professionals can not only showcase their work but profit from it by uploading it to the site.

Mode of Payment: Paypal- minimum of $50 and check-if above $200

Contribute your own images, illustrations, and video, for sale on iStock. Sell digital stock images to the largest design community in the world. Membership is free.

4. Fotolia
Sell photos and make money. You set the price of your photos based on photographer ranking, chosen license and exclusivity of the image). Commission ranges from 33% to 80%. Free Membership.

Mode of Payment: Paypal, Moneybookers, Wiretransfer

5. Break
Upload videos, pictures, flashgames and earn.Receive up to $2000 if your video makes it to the frontpage and up to $25 if your picture is placed in a gallery.

Mode of Payment: Paypal $25 minimum


Anonymous said...
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jordanmcclements said...

Or create your own web site, give away your photos as wallpaper, and make money from displaying Adsense adverts on your site (Like me). I currently make over $500 per month doing this...

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