Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Make Money At Wise Bread

I don't know if you've heard of Wise Bread before. I accidentally came to know of the site. So anyway, Wise Bread is currently looking for writers on topics on frugal living or personal finance.
So it's basically about writing and getting paid.

Wise Bread is supported by Google Adsense advertising. When readers click on the ads, Google pays a commission ranging from a few cents to several dollars. That commission will be shared between you and Wise Bread in the following manner:

  • You get 100% of the Google advertising revenue generated by your posts. This means you keep all the Google ad revenue from your permalink page and your personal home page.
  • While Wise Bread makes money from the advertising on community pages that doesn't belong to any single blogger (i.e. non-permalink pages such as the general home page and category pages).

Wise Bread is currently working on selling text link and site-wide ads. For site-wide ads, the revenue will be shared between you and Wise Bread based on how much traffic you bring in. For example, if your posts account for 20% of our traffic, you get 20% of the site-wide advertising revenue.

These are the few of the major topics Wise Bread is interested in:
  • Savvy shopping tips to keep you stylish, sassy, and solvent.
  • Frugal living suggestions that keeps you living a rockstar lifestyle on a shoestring budget.
  • Financial advice that is easy to understand and easy to apply.
  • Career and money-making ideas that'll add zeros to your bank account.
  • General grownup know-how your parents forgot to tell you.


Shanon Sandquist said...
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