Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Quest to Get Better SERP for Keyword "Make Money Online"

I have made it to the top two spots for the keyword "legitimate earning sites" in less than 3 months of blogging. That accomplishment meant so much to me. But sadly, I don't get that much traffic from google or yahoo for that keyword.Perhaps it's not the most searched keyword online. So I have decided to change my target keywords to "Make Money Online". The competition is very very high for these keyword. There is Carlo the 13 year old pinoy blogger, John Chow, Dosh Dosh, Kumiko and other bloggers who have dominated the search engine for these keywords. I don't aim at outranking these "Giants" in the blogosphere. I only wish to make it to the top 100 for these keyword, and gradually increase it to the top 50 then 30. Using Shoemoney's SERP script, I got the top 24 spot at MSN for "make money online" but not lucky enough to get it to google and yahoo. Getting close to top 20 at MSN is a big start though.

Here are few Keywords and my Rankings:

Keywords ----------------------- Rank

Legitimate earning sites - Google-1 & 2 and MSN - 3

Earning Sites - Google 24 and MSN 71

Make Money Online - MSN-24

Make Money - MSN- 75


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