Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Make Money Online Report

Six months has lapsed since I started this blog. I started from scratch. I had no knowledge of what blogging is all about, about keywords, about SERP, about traffic, almost everything. At the beginning I only wanted to have a conduit to express myself. In fact I had no idea it was possible to make money with blogs.

It was march 2007 when I created my first two blogs: A Lady's Confessions and Make Money Online. The following succeding 2 months, April and May were spent for my semestral break vacation.That explains why I made only 2 posts for April, my last posts before I went to my province and 7posts for May during our 2nd semestral enrollment. I won't take into consideration April and May months and still consider myself a 4month old blogger.

The Progress
  • June 2007- I got the PR-4 ranks for both of the above mentioned blogs and few checks.
  • July 2007- I also received a number of checks from all the earning sites I joined in. I got the top rank for the keyword "legitimate earning sites". I also started other blogs Earn As Affiliate and All About Facts
  • August 2007- More checks came, more deposits to my egold account.
  • September 2007-- my blog shows up in the top 19 and 21, in the SERP for different countries for the keyword "make money online". See proof.

Money Making

My top money makers remain to be the following:

2. Text Link Ads
3. Reviewme
5. Linkworth
6. Adsense (am only starting, getting at least a dollar a day)
7. Private Deals
8. Friendfinder
9. Treasuretrooper

For a list of sites that help me make money you can visit my post about it.

Clickbooth, TLA, Reviewme and Linkworth are the best instant money makers I highly recommend. Your luck may not be the same as mine. You might not earn as I do or you might even earn more than I do. Who knows?! Clixsense is slow but sure money maker. Treasuretrooper is instant money too but since the offers are mostly not available for filipinos I merely rely on the earnings I get from my referrals.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Why don't you list how much money you're making next to each of the programs?


lady influence said...

hi paula.yes thats what i will do at the end of the month..the schedule is this September 28,2007. I also made a list of money I was making in my other posts. thanks a lot commenting.

Jim said...

Another solid post!
I have published the solutions to the $100 Treasure Hunt on my personal blog site.

Jim said...

Great posting!
Treasure Trooper is one of the more popular websites on the net, and I have released their $100 treasure hunt answers to my blog site at

Check it out!

lady said...

thanks a lot jim.. i'll check your site in a little while.thanks for dropping by..

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