Sunday, September 16, 2007

SERP standing for "Make Money Online"

Remember my Post about My Desire to improve the SERP of this blog for the keyword: "Make Money Online"? Remember this blog's rank in google for that keyword? This blog was not included in the top 100,and if am not mistaken, not even in the top 1,000. The difficulty of the keyword "make money online" is very very high. It seemed impossible at first to break the barrier and get as close as the top 100 spot.

But just today, as I search google for the keyword "make money online", this blog is sitting at the top 21 position out of (267,000,000)now 324,000,000 competitors. What a huge leap! Here's a Snapshot.

Tell me if the snapshot does not work or you could just go to google and search for "make money online" and see live how this blog ranks.

A better SERP standing means more traffic and most likely, but not absolute more traffic means more revenues. The secret to a better SERP? I am not really sure with what made the sudden change in SERP. I made template changes, meta tag changes, and minor alterations with codes. Thanks a lot to my SEO friend from India. As soon as I figure out the best contributing factor for the better SERP standing this blog is experiencing now, I will make another post about it.

The funny thing though is that I am hoping that this better SERP for "make money online" keyword is not some sort of glitch from google search engines (lol).


Edward said...

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lady influence said...

hi edward.. would you believe me if i say am in mindanao too?! as for the link exchange, im running a contest.. review this blog for only 20words and you get a free link from.. inform me if you have made the review..:)

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