Friday, September 7, 2007

My Blog Contest

There's been lots and lots of blog contests going on. I see the same Review this blog and you get a free backlink or Review this blog and you win an IPhone! An Iphone?!! No, Just kidding!

I was thinking since I don't have the money, much more the means to send money or tangible freebies to those who will join my contest, I have decided to instead offer "Free Advertising Space" in this blog and in my other blog "A Lady's Confession".

This is not your typical Review my blog for a Link scenario. Here's how it works.

1. Write anything about this blog, 20 words minimum. Oops, did I say 20? Yes only 20 words with the anchor text "Make Money Online" linking to this blog.

2. Leave your comments in this post if you participate in this contest and a link to the review you've made.

3. From those who participate, from all entries, I will choose:

  • 2 Winners- who will be entitled to a free advertising space "125x125" banner in my blog which will stay in this blog for two months and links at my "Blogs of Note" section.
  • 5 Winners- who gets their blogs included in the "Blogs of Note" section of this blog.
  • All participants get a free technorati favorite from me.
  • All partcipants get to choose one post that they would want me to "digg".
  • All participants get to choose one post that they would want me to "stumble".
  • All participants will have their links in one of my post made especially for blog contest participants.

So what are you waiting for? Only 20 words minimum and you get all these benefits! Whether you win or not you get a free technorati favorite, free digg, and free stumble from a PR-4 blog! This contest is up until October 15 only.

Sample "125x125" banner:
Text Link Ads


talkingidiot said...

my link is up in your blog already and i paid for it. if only you made this post a little earlier..d*mn!

talkingidiot said...

my gratitude for the traffic you bring to my blogs and for all the help, tips, diggs, stumbles.. i appreciate it so much!

lady influence said...

thanks talkingidiot.. heehhehe..sorry i did not think of this blog contest earlier..

as for the tips, diggs and stumbles, i was willing to help the moment i learned you are a kababayan..if you need help,email me anytime and lets do the usual chatting and messaging..

boynames said...

i am new to blogging..saw ur blog from blogcatalog... il join the contest.but what's stumble? and digg?

boynames said...

i have completed a post about your blog:

BillyWarhol said...

I need to WIN the Lottery or something!!


I will try this Lady Influence*

I'm just getting a new WordPress Blog up on get this! "MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!"


Everybody's gotta have at least 1!!

After Reading Dot Com Mogul John Chow's Blog I realiaze U need several Sources of Income to Make $$$! Whatta a Concept*

I want to try this Text Link Ads U've mentioned + Kontera + AdBrite etc.

Thx for the Inpsiration to get me Moving forward on this!!

Cheers Everybody!! Billy ;))


lady influence said...

you are very welcome billy.. do inform me if your blog is up so i can visit it. :)

Anonymous said...


Replied to you at my blog's post - Review My Blog For TWO Link Backs


Jayne said...

Hi there... blogged about your contest here.

lady influence said...

thanks for mentioning my blog contest in your website jayne.. thanks for taking the time as well to visit my blog..

Link And Earn said...

I like your concept. Everybody is a winner.

For the special winner, multiply your happiness and earnings with visitors from Link And Earn

Blogging Contest said...

Hi There,

We added your blog contest to our site. Here is the link below. Thanks!

Girly Blog Designz said...

I got mine up too! :)

lady influence said...

boy names,
blogging contest,
and girly blog designz,

i need you to specify what post should i digg and stumble.already techno fave all of you.

Link And Earn said...

Simplest trick to attract more crowd to your blog

Thank you ladyinfluence for digg/stumble

lady influence said...

consider it done link and earn.:)

Jayne said...

Thanks very much! Here is my link for the posts I want stumbled, etc.

You Are Not A Z-Lister

Thanks again!

BloggingContest said...

Hi There,
Thanks for commenting on my site. Please digg/stumble our Blog Contest we are holding to promote our site. The winner gets $75 bucks. Feel free to join. Thanks!

lady influence said...

dugg and stumbled your post jayne! thanks for joining..

lady influence said...

blogging contest, i have dugg and stumbled your post. thanks for joining my contest.

BloggingContest said...

Thanks for the stumble!

Average Joe Blogger said...

I have mentioned your contest here.

Cris said...

My link for you is here:

You can digg, and stumble my 6 crazy tips for Alexa rankings:

I wish you all the success!

lady influence said...

hi cris.. already techno fave you dugg and stumbled your post..

lady influence said...

average joe, please include what post to digg and stumble.thanks a lot!

Average Joe Blogger said...

You can Digg and Stumble my post about 404 Error Pages

MrPrizes said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have added this contest to several categories within our contest and sweepstakes directory.

Please feel free to let me know of any changes you would like made and also keep me up to date on future listings. Have a great day!

lady influence said...

thanks a lot mr.prizes..i will check your site now..

Jacob Share said...

Here's my entry:

Nice idea for a contest!

lady influence said...

thanks jacob. i will be posting your url soon.

Jacob Share said...

Lady, can you digg and Stumble:


lady influence said...

sure jacob. consider it done!

jerrykhoo said...

Hope I'm not too late. Just saw your contest a few moments ago. Here's my post about your money making online site

/po lice said...

am i missing something here, your only a pr2 blog, get real lady

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