Sunday, September 16, 2007

Search and Make Money

Here's a list of sites and programs that pay you for every search you make. You either win cash and or some cool prizes and rewards.

1.make money online, make money at home
You can win various prizes, such as Gift Certificates, Apple iPods, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. You search and you earn points. You refer your friends you also earn points. Your points are entries to monthy Winzy Sweepstakes with a Grand prize of $100,000

If your referrals search and win, you also win the price.

At least 13 or older and live in the United States or Canada. Visit Site

2. make money online, make money at home
Search Cactus pays you for searching the web, completing offers and referring friends. It offers an instant $3 dollar bonus for new members.The minimum payout is $20. U.S. & Canada Only. (Sorry Philippines!)Visit Site

3.make money online, make money at home is a search engine that lets you search the web and benefit the charity of your choice. This site has raised £286,421* for charities.

All you need to do is select the charity you would like to support and then search the web as normal, there's absolutely no charge to you or the charities involved.Time to do some act of kindness and generosity! Visit Site

4.make money online, make money at home
Like Everyclick, this site is a "search for a cause" program. You search and make money or you have the option to donate your earnings to desired charities. Mode of payment is though paypal and joining is free.
Visit Site


Blackysky said...

great list but did you get paid from them?

lady influence said...

no blackysky.. they pay through paypal so i can't join the site. but a filipino friend got paid by winzy.. he used his brother's paypal i think..

Mike said...

Hi, here you will find all CB-Products. Its a SEO Friendly Marketplace Directory with all CB Categories and sub-categories. You can also add your URL for Free.

Anonymous said...

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