Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I got $49 from newsroom in less than 2 Weeks

Heard of Newsroom? Voxant? I talked about it in this blog long long time ago. The first experience with Newsroom was not a good one. Read more about it in my old post. Why the bad experience? Well, I was earning cents. The very problem was not with Newsroom but with me. I did not know how to embed the video feed. I did not bother to discover how to embed the video feed. Videos are different and the Video Feed is another thing as well. If you use the video feed you are paid $4.00 per 1thousand unique plays. Using Video per se, pays only cents. See the photo, I made $.70 for 234 plays. Very very minimal. Won't be enough for the effort to place the code in the blog.

Due to the not rewarding earnings, I forgot about Voxant for a while. Until I discovered how to embed the Video Feed. I gave Voxant/Newsroom another try. I embed the Video Feeds in my blogs and look at my earnings. For 12, 302 plays the money I made amounted to $49.21. Please dont wonder about the thousands of plays cause I maintain quite a number of sites. I might even start a new blog sometime this week.

All in all the money I made is $50.16, the $49.21 was made possible in less than 2 weeks. To really get the best from newsroom you have to have traffic to your website. I know there are a lot of people/bloggers out there making money online using Newsroom. Getting $4 a day for 1,000 impression/plays for your video feed is at par with adsense if not better than adsense if you have a good traffic.
The Newsroom CPM Structure


kirbitz said...

hahaha! ;)

really? Well im actually thinking about launching not 1 but 2 blogs! haha! talk about maximizing profits.lol

Really? How is that possible? I expect to have fewer than 10 visits per day at 1 weeks time.

lady influence said...

hi kirby... have you tried www.blogskinny.com? it is a directory. Try submitting your blog there. it will help you get more visitors .. i am experimenting something about getting blogs indexed in google in less than a week. I will have to confirm my findings.i will email you about it soon..

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