Friday, October 26, 2007

My Page Rank is UP Again

Good news to smile about! My Page Rank for this Make Money Online blog has increased from yesterday's devastating PR of 1. The Page Rank for this blog is now 2 after I removed some links and placed "nofollow" attribute in some links. I am expecting to get the PR-4 for this blog in a week's time or less. I am doing a lot of cleaning for my blogs.

Google is really serious in penalizing blogs that sell links and is serious as well in rewarding blogs which do not sell links. Currently I have 2 blogs with PR-4, 2 blogs with PR-2 and 1 blog with PR-3. I am waiting for the increase in this blog's PR to the original PR 4. I'm confident Google will see all my efforts and give back my PR.

Take my word for it. Don't sell links if Page Rank matters to you. If you have links in your blog already take them down ASAP. Whether we like it or not it pays to play by Google's Rules.


kirbitz said...

Congratz lady!

Nice to know youre up and running. Its all part of the joy of blogging. Know what, my celebrity disease blog has been kicked out of SE ranks. Maybe i used my targeted keyword too much. . i used to land on #4 or 5 spot on my keyword but guess what, im on the 5th page!

couldn't be more frustrated.

GPT Sites said...

Your PageRank won't update in a week. They do another update about once every three months. You have a long time to wait.

lady influence said...

thanks kirbz.. im sad to hear about your celebrity disease blog.. well, you can do something about it.. it's all part of the game. so cheer up and do what's needed. good luck.

lady influence said...

thanks gpt sites.. google has been doing some cleaning with websites and the PR thing has had quite a number of changes this month. lets see if there'll be another update. thanks for dropping by..

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