Sunday, November 11, 2007

15 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Traffic is Money! It's the visitors not the advertisements that really gives long life to any website or blog. In as much as one may desire to make money and monetize his blog, one should also fuel his efforts to get traffic to his site.

15 Sure Ways to Increase Blog Traffic:

1. Make Right/Substantial Content. "Content is King" and the "Traffic is the Queen"
2. Do Regular Updates of Your Blog.
3. Participate at Blogcatalog, Mybloglog, Bumpzee, Spicypage, Technorati, Digg, Stumble.
4. Improve your SERP for a particular keyword.
5. Do regular pingings of your blogs. Use Autopinger or Pingomatic .
6. Comment on Blogs or Websites.
7. Always Tag your posts.
8. Submit relevant posts to Digg, Technorati, Stumble and other similar sites.
9. Use pictures so your blog shows in the image search.
10. Use videos especially popular controversial ones.
10. Make Controversial Posts.
11. Comment on high profile blogs.
12. Use mylot, squiddo, facebook, friendster to get visitors.
13. Make a Blog Contest or join one.
14. Join and Participate in Forums.
15. Converse with commentators on your blog and always give their website a reciprocal visit.

These are very limited ways , you can add yours if you want.


eam said...

good to know i'm already doing most of what's listed here... :-)

thanks for sharing! enjoyed reading your articles...

lady influence said...

thanks a lot eam. pinoy ka rin.... i like your sinigang blog... i just love how you thought of the title. hhehehe.. clever and pinoy na pinoy!

cashcrate said...

Thanks, I had never heard of spicypage before.

CarnivalofMakingMoneyOnline said...

Nice list. You can also get targeted traffic by adding your posts to a niche social news site like - search engine friendly with revenue sharing.

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