Sunday, November 11, 2007

Protect Your Adsense Account from Hackers

Do you know that your adsense account can be hacked? There are many technology geniuses out there who are not putting their brains for goodness' sake. These people could be hacking your adsense account, changing your adsense codes, replacing your adsense codes with their own publisher ids. You might simply notice a sudden drop of adsense revenues or simply get banned by google due to multiple publisher ids in your website.

You don't want your legitimate money making adsense program to get lost in a snap.

Here are ways to protect your adsense account:

1. Check your blog or website. Check the publisher ID and see if it belongs to you or not.

2. If you see a different publisher ID, contact google immediately and report the matter. Every Adsense Publisher should know his publisher ID in the very first place.

3. If you're suspicious that someone has hacked your website's account contact your hosting service. If its possible to change your login details, then do so.

4. Always use secure computer in accessing your adsense account and your website.


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