Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cash Quests Sold for $15,000

The buzz about Kumiko selling her PR-5 Cash Quest website came late to me. Thanks to Courtney for the information.

Kumiko started her blog at blogspot, just like this blog of mine. Her blogspot blog was already making a name in the blogosphere by that time, till her Adsense Account was banned by google. She then started a new site, this time its not a blog anymore but a website. Kumiko was making money very well with this new website which got a PR-5 in no time.

I heard Kumiko makes at least $1500 a month for her Cashquests site. Surprisingly she sold it for $15,000. That's not a bad amount but not good either for a less than a year old, very profitable website. But what could have prompted Kumiko to sell her site?

If I was at Kumiko's shoes I doubt I'd sell the site for $15000. After all the hard effort you put through for that kind of website, $15000 is not a very tempting offer. Don't you think?

A tough challenge awaits whoever bought the site. Can "He" keep up with what's expected of CashQuests? Will Cashquests be still as reliable, as efficient, as profitable as it was when Kumiko was in charge?


faust said...

where can we find this site? i want to make money.. help me please...

lady said...

here is the link:

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