Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is there such a thing as Blog Insurance

Insurance is not a desirable topic, in fact I may even call it boring. I don’t like all my insurance related classes back in college. But it’s a very important topic nowadays. Insurance in a way secures our future. It’s not a waste of money to spend in insurance. In case mishaps come our way, like houses burned or getting yourself in some ca accident, at least you’ve got home insurance, car insurance and even life insurance to back you up. I don’t have a house of my own yet or a car of my own but I’ll definitely get an insurance. Insurance is a need in this tough times.

I am just curious though if there is such a thing as insuring your blog or website. Would that be worth venturing if it so exists?

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kirbitz said...

Hi there lady!

I dont have any of my money yet. Im still waiting for my EON to be verified since i cant use it still. They said i need two more weeks! its like hell waiting for it.

Hey, tell me when and where youll be going. Not so sure about the treat there but would love to meet you in person. ;)

Email me. ;)

lady influence said...

i still don't have my EON too. maybe this wednesday, but its tentative.. ill see what my schedules will be.. not sure pa..hehehe..

steven wilson said...

Curious as to what one would insure there blog against?


lady influence said...

that's a good point, but perhaps insure it against having hosting problems..well, haven't really tried having my own domain. the idea just came to mind.. thanks for dropping by steven wilson..

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