Thursday, November 8, 2007

Get Paid At Smorty

I was chatting with Kirby a fellow blogger the other night and he told me he has made money from smorty. I too am a member of smorty but I have never took advantage of its money making opportunities. Special Thanks to Kirby for the inspiring information.

Smorty pays you for writing your opinions about people websites, products and services. It's a get paid to blog, get paid to post, blog for money program. You need to make your opinion t least a 100 words minimum. It's pretty easy to make a 100 word article. You can make money as little as $6 per post. You are paid on a weekly basis directly at your Paypal Account. Now, we are talking of easy and fast money!

How to apply? Just go the Smorty website and fill the form and submit your blog. Once approved, you will get offers from advertisers. Offers are visible at the Admin Account Panel and in your email box. If you have a website or blogs, giving Smorty a try will definitely help you monetize your blog. Grab the opportunity! After all it's Free! A little caution for bloggers who value their website's Page Rank, please be reminded about the Google Rules on selling links.
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