Saturday, November 17, 2007

Perez Hilton Gets 7 Million Hits a Day

Celebrities, gossips, rumors and anything about the sexy actress or gorgeous singer you see on you television sets SELL! Perez a celebrity website which had its name coined from famous Paris Hilton gets an amazing 7 million hits a day! WOW!!! Getting 300 visitors a day is an accomplishment, what more if your blog gets a million, i mean 7 million! I wonder how much money this blog is making from adsense alone.

Mario Lavandeira - a self confessed gay created the blog 3 years ago and look how far it has gone now! I plan to make a celebrity blog of my own after reading about Mario's success! I have a friend who has a celebrity blog which makes a lot of money for him. I might venture into the celebrity business in a few days and ill keep you posted with how much money I make from it.


SEO_Medical said...

7 Million idiots a day.

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lady influence said...

oh yes they could be idiots, but these idiots are giving him a fortune.

if i get that many visits, i don't care if they are idiots. they are useful idiots.

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