Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Not To Do During Interviews

Do you have a job? Or are you still looking for one? If you are serious about seeking a job and making money, here's a few things you should never do to get hired for the nation's best among the best companies:

1. Order Pizza. One hungry guy had one delivered while he was being interviewed.

2. Show you Ignorance. A woman told the interviewer that she had graduated cum lade. She didn't now what it meant but was very proud of her 2.1 GPA.

3. Dress for Failure. One woman showed up in a swimsuit. (Hilarious!)

4. Fall Asleep. One guy dozed off between questions and began to snore.

I got this information from a book. Really Amusing and totally ridiculous! I don't think anyone would be interested to pay you big bucks with these kind of attitude.


Anonymous said...

hahahhaha... this is funny. do people still do these things nowadays?

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