Friday, November 30, 2007

Pinay Scandals: The Wrong Turn

Either way you reach this blog because you search for make money online, or legitimate earning sites or you are looking for pinay scandals. Let me guess! But if you are indeed in search for "pinay scandals" you have come to the wrong place.

I read about and trying to get the top SERP for the keyword "pinay scandals" in order to divert the traffic to their sites and well, disappoint the people who search for it and knock off the websites which promote pornography through pinay scandals, videos and photos. I support this quests and in response, I'm making this post, hopefully this can help. Macuha has triumphantly conquered the third google search engine rankings for the same keyword "pinay scandals". How do you think this blog will rank for the keyword "pinay scandals" or "pinay scandal."

Let's see if this quest succeeds.

UPDATE: This blog ranks 46 at Google for "Pinay Scandals". (December 15, 2007)


bestre said...

that's cheating... someday that things he has done will turn back to him...

Verity said...

Ohh... it's really bad! Promoting your own sites with an eye-catching words to demoralize integrity. Wowww..yes, it's betrayal and inappropriate, too! Are these sites are sex websites? I don't have any idea about these including pinay scandals.

Verity said...

Ooopps.. I forgot, I would like to invite you to visit also this new link

kirbitz said...

Hi there lady!

just remembered. . . YOure supposed to be here last wed right?lol I completely missed it. .

what happened?

lady influence said...

bestre you completely missed my post.. what i mean is that, pinoy bloggers are trying to stop the triumph of pornography sites that promote pinay scandals by conquering the SERP status of the keyword "pinay scandal" so that porn sites will not have traffic..

it's really not cheating, it's fighting those website owners who make money out of "sex videos and photos" of filipinas.

thanks for dropping by my blog.

lady influence said...

hi verity.. there are porn sites all over the web, offering sex videos of pinays.. that's why famous bloggers like Macuha and Selaplana are trying to fight them off by killing their SERP status. Macuha and Selaplana's websites are about money making by the way..

ill go give your site a thorough visit.thanks again!

lady influence said...

hi kirbz. yes in fact i was in cagayan last thursday. I failed to drop by to see you because i headed off to camiguin to get some sponges for research. that was a really quick, tiring travel but it was fun still. my first time to visit camiguin..

how about some other time?

marhgil of said...

hi! thanks for joining this campaign!

pinoyscandal said...

This a great way to rob those bloggers that earn while exposing scandals on the web.. and ruining our womens integrity... thank you for your suppot on this project..

Nhoel said...

Just want to send my contribution for the campaign, here's mine po:

let's all help to push down bad sites!

salamat po!

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