Friday, November 30, 2007

How Can Teens Make Money Online?

The internet is a world of money making opportunities for teenagers. I often read about teens making extra money in front of their computers. In fact,personally, I know a lot of teens who makes about 5 thousand pesos or roughly $100 every month using the internet. How?

1. Play Games and Quizzes. Teens love playing games, counter strike or half life, DOTA, Warcraft and other popular games. I know this myself because we run a computer rental business and almost 90 percent of our customers are teens, ranging from high school students to freshmen and sophomores. These teens play about 2 hours to 5 hours online (some up to 10 hours) playing against other online players from all over the world and if they win they earn a few dollars. Check out my post about making money online by playing right here.

2. Make A Blog. Teens have wild active, creative minds. They can blog about almost anything and they never run out of ideas. Teens can create free blogs like that provided by blogger and have some ads displayed on it. Teens can be paid on a click basis or cost per thousand impression.

3. Participate in Surveys. What's so great about surveys like Panda Research is that they are for free. You risk nothing but your time and very minimal effort. Teens can participate on a weekly basis in surveys and generate as much as $150 a month depending on how many surveys they participate in. For Survey Programs you can check a list here.

4. Sell At Ebay. Teens can pool their resources, old items, old gadgets, old cellphones or new tshirts and sell at ebay.

5. Join GPT Sites or Get Paid To Sites. Teens can make the most of these GPT sites like Clixsense because they can convince their friends, classmates, schoolmates to join under their referrals. Many referrals is the key to making more money from GPT sites.

6. Sell Photos Online. Teens can sell their funny and unique photos online and earn. For links to help you sell photos click here.

7. Upload Videos. Teens can also sell their videos and get paid. For ways to make money from videos visit my other post. You can try for this.

8. Search and Make Money. This is true. Teens can search and get paid for it. My detailed post about it plus links - click here.

9. Participate in Forums. Some forums pay their members per post. Teens can join forums and earn. For list of forums, click here.

10. Make a Guess. By simply making a guess on real life events, teens can earn money. I know that's cool. For the links click here.

This article has been used by Chris Lantz as reference with permission from lady influence.


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