Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Staying Afloat

Online blogging is a very competitive business. Thousands of websites and blogs are made every single day. Thousands if not millions of people talk about the same thing in their websites. Getting noticed is one big thing but staying afloat is another very important thing to consider.
Does your blog stand out? Is your blog hanging on or sinking? Complacency over how your blog performs in terms of Page Rank, SERP and Traffic may get your boat in a stormy sinking situation. If all seems well, money making looks good, don't let down your guard!

How to Stay Afloat in the Blogosphere?

1. Right Content. You have an audience who visits your blog for a purpose. Target that purpose. You may get off that track but only once in a while.

2. Regular Updates.Make your blog a living blog. Update it from time to time. Let your readers know they have something new to read and learn from in their next visit.

3. Reconnect with Fellow Bloggers and Website Owners. Fellow bloggers and website owners are the persons who make the internet part of their everyday routine. They check the net at least everyday. Read other blogs or websites. Be active and share your ideas through comments and leave your link but remember not to spam. If fellow website owners like your blog, they might even link to you and help you get more visitors.

4. Be active in your Blogging Communities and networks. Make a new discussion at blogcatalog, or submit a good article at Digg.com or have your article stumble. Let the whole blogosphere know that you still exist and your blog is well maintained. Put your link in your discussion for access by community members.

5. Re-submit to search engines, Ping your blog. Refresh your presence with search engines. Spread the news that you have a new post by pinging your blog. But do these cautiously. If you observe, after a quick blog ping, you get new crawlers and spiders to your blog.

So stay afloat! Don't be too casual and complacent!


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