Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wife Sues Husband for Share of Lottery Wins

A woman is suing her husband after discovering that he won the lottery and kept it a secret from her. The wife became suspicious that he was hiding something after her husband disconnected the phones and television. A postcard offering Congratulations on a new house purchased was the final clue.

The wife Campbell then, made an internet search on his husband's name "Ramdass" and "lotto" and saw a news release from the Florida Lottery about a pool of 17 airline mechanics who won the jackpot money of $19 million in June 20.

That's basically the reason for the suit and according to the woman, she will also file a divorce in time. (source: Miamiherald)

How stupid is that? Hiding your winnings from your wife? I mean let's forget about laws and legality just a second, that's your wife, how could you do that to her!

I don't know about the laws in America, but if it happened in the Philippines and the Philippine law applies, the lottery winnings will go to the conjugal property, if the money so used in purchasing those lottery tickets came from the conjugal funds. The case would be different if there is no conjugal partnership in the first place and what is actually used to buy the tickets is the personal money of the husband. Well, the Law is a rather complicated subject matter to cover it here in detail.

But if you were the husband, could you dare do that to your wife?
By the way the husband is just so dumb to think his wife will never discover! Come on!


Thajmode said...

Actually,,, in my case,, im not married and I would hide it from everyone and split it as If they knew,, I would tell its an herence or something,,, there are too many people who wants your stuff out there,,, If I where married I would tell her,, of course!!


if i were the husband, i'd be very carried away by my delight and excitement that I'd tell it to her and perhaps everybody around, i just thought that perhaps the husband was just trying to find the right timing to divulge and to surprise his wife...it was too late though because the nosy wife as most are found out she was being cheated on...hihihi

lady influence said...

thanks for stopping by and sharing your ideas thajmode. you have a point there. a lot of people both good and bad will have interest over so huge an amount. its best to keep it secret from others but not to your wife.

lady influence said...

i don't think the husband was looking for the right timing. like what you said, if something good comes up, like winning a lotto the impulse is to share it with your loved ones, or the closest to you, like boyfriend or girlfriend or wife in this instant case.

the husband is greedy here!

Chris said...

Bet he wished he had got that hitman in the first place

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