Sunday, November 25, 2007

Filipinos and Americans Search For Sex more than Money

Are Pinoys more interested in sex than money? I won't generalize because not all Pinoys have access to the internet. But here's a glimpse of the trend in searches for keywords "sex" compared to "money" in the Philippines, for 2007 and for all the other years. Click the photos to enlarge.

The photo below reflects the trend history
for the year 2007 for keywords sex and money.


While these photos display the trend history for searches of the keywords sex and money,
for all years in the Philippines and all sub regions.


Pinoys really shouldn't worry, because Americans also search for "sex" more than "money".
See photo below.

But I think this results hold true in all countries, worldwide(except maybe for the Vatican). This supports the fact that "sex" is one of the most searched keyword online and this explains why having a website that shows some skin or complete nudity is a big hit in the blogosphere.


kirbitz said...

This is a great find lady. I see misamis oriental and cagayan de oro on the toplist searching for the word "sex". haha!

Ok, just tell me if you could squeeze me into your tight sked. ;)

lady influence said...

glad you noticed that. don't worry i won't assume you are one of those people who actively search for keyword "sex" in your area..haahhaahha...

Black_Mamba said...

For some this holds true I guess. Personally, it's a toss up lol...... depende sa mood kumbaga ;)

Anonymous said...


nah. . I already graduated in that stage, magna cum laude. hahaha!

Well, no wonder CDO has the highest population boom in mindanao. Horny kagay-anons! hahaha

lady influence said...

hi black mamba.. salamat sa pagbisita..hehehhe.. talaga nga naman, halos buong mundo mas nag search ng "sex" kaysa "money"..

as for pinoys kita mo naman sa population natin di ba..heheheh

lady influence said...

now that's a bold courageous admission! haaahahaaa! your from CDO and like what you said "horny" ang kagay anons. Its like saying directly at my face "Lady, am from Cagayan and I'm horny". hahhahahaa...

kirbitz said...


I guess i messed up a bit on that last comment of mine. Basta. . di nako kasabot. hahahaha!

"Lady, am from Cagayan and I'm horny"
-This one cracked me up! lmao!

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