Friday, December 7, 2007

Funny Photography

I'm proud to announce my new blog "Funny Photography". I am so amused with funny photos of children, people and animals so I thought of starting a new blog based on that concept. Google has indexed 90 percent of the pages already but my visitors haven't reached even 10. I started it yesterday, and that explains. Lol..

There's a huge doubt whether I can make money from that blog. There's a tough competition for that keyword and there's not that much searches lately for keywords "funny pictures", "funny pics", 'funny photos", or "funny photography". But nonetheless I put some ads. Who knows what started out as a hobby- collection of funny photos, will become my best money maker in the near future. Now, am dreaming! hahahah!

Seriously, if you happen to visit this blog, I REQUEST you to support my new blog. Just a quick visit, I'm sure you'll enjoy the posts. Your comments are highly anticipated and appreciated as well. Thanks..:)


Sana Lakhani said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I thing your blog is neat too. If you want to exchange reviews, let me know.
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lady influence said...

hi.. thanks for dropping by.. do you mean by exchange reviews as exchange links? sorry, am just a bit confused..again thanks for the visit. i left you a comment at your blog..:)

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