Wednesday, December 5, 2007

WidgetBucks Is Starting To Distribute October Earnings

This is the buzz in the Widgetbucks blog

"WidgetBucks is now distributing October earnings to publishers -- nearly 10 days ahead of schedule. The initial wave of PayPal payments was sent yesterday, while the remainder go out over the next couple of days. Checks are being processed and mailed early this week as well, including those sent to international publishers. Given large holiday snail-mail volumes, please allow for additional time for checks to arrive, especially those sent outside the U.S. Note that only those publishers who earned $50USD or more (including the $25 sign-up bonus) during October will receive payments. Considered the fastest growing ad network on the Internet today, WidgetBucks has served three-quarters of a billion ad impressions in just its first two months."

Good news for those very FEW who have reached the minimum payout! I have over $60 in this money making program but this past month I have not been promoting the site or placing their ads on my blogs because of their changed policy regarding clicks outside Canada or US not being paid. However, Widgetbucks is to be implementing or serving CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) ads within its widgets so publishers can monetize their international traffic. I am looking forward to this new development and hopefully make more money from Widgetbucks.


Anonymous said...

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lady influence said...

hi charlie.. i changed my template yesterday, that's why you did not see your link perhaps.. ill change your link to your new url..

so you've been busy blogging huh..heheheheh

same here.. been busy tweaking my blog template..

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