Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Marhgil Macuha Not Marghil Macuha

How stupid of me to have made a mistake in typing the word Marghil Macuha instead of Marhgil Macuha. I ranked 5 for the SERP using Marghil Macuha but I had to delete the entire post and re post it again fully corrected to "Marhgil Macuha". Making a typo error is one of the gravest mistake any blogger could make. Letters interchanged can affect your ranking for a particular keyword in my case Marhgil Macuha, Marhgil Macuha, Marhgil Macuha. I should have paid more attention to the word.

With a serious mistake on my part, I am now very very doubtful if I can make my make money online blog appear in the first page of the search result for keyword Marhgil Macuha. Having no knowledge professional knowledge of SEO the fight is tough!

Win or lose its a privilege to write about a co Filipino blogger. As for the payday loan, ill keep you updated of my adsense earnings in tomorrow's post. I'll show you how much money this payday loan experiment has made me.

I ranked #5 for the wrong keyword. The competition is not tough. See image below.

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RollinMao said...

Hmmm... recently I have read a post by Google for a meeting they have with the public. They has announced that they might be taking mis-spelt keywords as spamming to search engines. And they stressed that it is not required to add mis spelt keywords as Search engines like Google will automatically correct them.
I guess there's no need to delete the whole post just because of this. simply edit the wrong word and wait till bots to crawl again... :)

lady said...

oh never hard of that.. but i did delete the whole article but just reposted it and corrected the mispelled keyword. now i rank 3 for that keyword..- the mispelled one..hehehhe

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