Thursday, December 27, 2007

Successful Paypal To Eon Visa Card Withdrawal

After a long 6 of waiting the money I withdrew from my paypal account is now finally reflected in my Eon Visa Card. Others were lucky to get their money fast as early as 3 days like kirby a fellow blogger. But mine took the almost maximum of 6 days. I super hated the waiting period. But now I see my money and ready to reach my hand tomorrow morning. It's 8:55 pm right now Philippine time.

Here's the proof of the transaction.

The image shows the withdrawal I made from Paypal to my Eon Visa Card completed on December 21, 2007.

paypal transactionclick to enlarge

The image below shows the successful withdrawal of my money to my eon card account dated December 27, 2007
eon card account, eon moneyclick to enlarge

The peso equivalent of my $100 though is very very low. I don't know why the conversion rate is this when in fact during the time that I withdraw my money the peso dollar conversion rate was something like 41.800php. If Union Bank used today's conversion rate, I should have gotten a higher amount of 41.600php per dollar. And even if the previous conversion rate it still doesn't match. The peso dollar rate reflected in my account is $1=40.89 php. It's really strange. Anyway, I think I'll just have to work double hard to make more money. The remaining money in my paypal will have to stay there for a while. The peso dollar exchange rate might change this week or the next week to my favor. I will also be receiving my adsense payment for the month of december. I think I've earned well this month. I will post all my earnings for december at the end of the month.


VampireXxX said...

Hi, me again. Thanks for the link exchange. I like the new template. Simple and clean =) Best of luck

lady influence said...

thanks a lot vampirexxx.. i like this template seems that i get to like another template every month..hehhehe.

jenskye said...

hi po..your blog is so interesting..i also wanted to earn money online pero bago palang ako madami pa akong hindi alam..haay..
can i ask question? madali lang ba mag-apply for eon card?
btw..i've link u po sa blog ko..i hope u don't mind..hindi pa kasi ako tapos basahin un mga post mo eh..tnx!! ^_^

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