Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pay-ads Proof of Payment

This is a follow up of my post about Make Money With Pay-ads. (Just click the link to read the whole post).

I got paid by Pay-ads once more. All in all I have already earned $35 from Pay-ads. The first payments where sent to my e-gold account as there was no paypal back then. Just recently I received almost $2 from the site. See image below.

pay-ads payment
The money I made from this site went down because I totally forgot to put the banner in my blogs. In fact you don't see the banner in this blog. Anyways, Pay-ads pays per impression. If you have a good traffic you should consider pay-ads.
See image below.

Click to enlarge.

Visit the Pay-ads site here.

If you notice I am starting to make money even from not so popular money making programs or earning sites. And that just makes me happy.

UPDATE: My blog got malware on them and google placed this warning "This site may be harmful to your computer!" The culprit: Pay-ads! When I removed pay-ads code my blog was cleaned again. My friend who was using pay-ads also experienced the same problem but after removing pay-ads code her blog was free of malware again. So I discourage anyone now from using pay-ads!


RollinMao said...

I used to have paid-ads running on other ptc programs. but they suspended it because they said there's some kind of spyware/adware in it... So I have stopped promoting it.
Charlie Tan

lady influence said...

is that so? well, there have been no complaints so far about spyware. but i experienced using a code from a traffic site and my visitors complained of being led to a porn site. i immediately remove the code.

RollinMao said...

well... my ads in a PTC program was banned because of that... and that goes my credits too.... haha....

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