Saturday, December 15, 2007

Polka Dot Beddings

When polka dot was first introduced in dresses, bags and even shoes it became a hit. If you still recall your grandma wearing a polka dot dress, and oh did I forget polka dot undies. Hahaha! Polka dot designs are not anymore associated with the older age group as fashion and style transcends generation. Nowadays you see designer dresses, bags and shoes with polka dot prints, (they can cause you lots of money) even home accessories, bedding accessories in polka dot designs. Polka dot prints look good on beddings and pillow cases as well. You can find samples of polka dot designed beddings at Bedding Vision. You can also turn your own polka dot images or pictures into personalized polka dot bedding! This Christmas season these are perfect gifts. Check the site and see what I mean. Polka dots on your beddings look chic, stylish, and fun. There are also Race Car Bedding if you may so desire. This type of design is appealing to males and sports enthusiasts.

Sample Polka Dot Bedding.


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