Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mylot Paid Me Yesterday

I checked my Paypal Account today and was surprised to receive another mylot payment. I don't post to mylot anymore. Whatever money I have earned this past month from the site came from a few referrals I have. The money is not big but it's still money. You can check the image below for proof of payment.

Payment Received last December 14, 2007
Click to enlarge

MYLOT pays its members for every post, every discussion and responses they make. Members also earn by uploading photos or images. Membership is free and payment is through paypal or moneybookers. Anyone, even teens can make money from mylot simply by posting and participating in discussions. You get paid cents per post or response. Not really a fast money maker but if you love group discussions and interacting with people, MYLOT is the place. The cash you make is just the bonus part. Visit MYLOT.


Anonymous said...

Any money is good money, Well done


lady said...

thanks a lot dzrbenson.. im happy to get any amount.. but of course id happier to get a bigger amount.hehehe..thanks for the visit..

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