Sunday, December 9, 2007

Quick Money

When my parents learned that I am making money online, they were a bit skeptical but amazed. They don’t want me to work at the same time study, because they want me to focus on one goal and that is finish my second course. It took a little time of explaining and I told them I earn from blogging, not really an easy task at the beginning but it gets easier along the way. My sister asked if blogging meant quick money and I told her it’s not. Quick money for me has got something to do with cash from winning in a lottery or perhaps applying for a quick loan at Oasis Payday Loans. Getting loans online is the easiest way to get money and not blogging. (I could hear my best friend laughing at my back about this.)For instance you apply at Oasis Payday Loan you get your money fast, easy and deposited directly into your account. Well, am not really the type of person who is fond of getting loans online, but I must admit they are really of help in times of money difficulties.


Sana Lakhani said...

I know what you mean, when I started earning money online, my parents were skeptical. And my husband was too, when i got paid for the first time £6, after hours of signing ups, I proved to my husband, it was possible. I also earned £20 which was paid through a cheque, but my husband was still not convinced that its worth the time spent onto it.
I started a blog, without really knowing what it is, and to be honest, my early efforts were embarassing. Now, I think it is possible, and wish I had the knowledge then, when I was not working. I'm still trying to earn full time income, which is still difficult.
Plus I live in UK, and most companies pay in dollars, and pounds are expensive.
Anyways, I've added your link to my blog, check it out.
Earn Free Money

lady influence said...

i truly understand Sana.. like you i still go through the hassles involved with how payments are made since i also live outside of the US. But things are a lot easier now than it was when I started blogging..

I still come up with realizations that if had i know this or that, earlier,.. you know what i mean..

but am happy with what i have accomplished now and the steady income is a very big help..

anyway thanks for the link..

take care.

Anonymous said...


I want to know how your blog is high ranked, plz guide me, because I want to top rank in search engine with my blogs as given below:--

lady influence said...

hi Mr Anonymous or should i say Kumar..

i left you a message at your blog..

RollinMao said...

Hi lady!
First of all, let me congrats you on your high ranking in your keyword.
you are on the first page of SERP in Google of SG, 3rd page on Google of US, and 2nd page on Google of Malaysia. Soon you will be getting good traffic. (if you do not understand what i meant, do feel free to contact me. :) )

Next, I will be doing a free SEO report for all my link partners for free. Hehe. No need sign up. no whatever. Just need to request for it. This is to show my appreciation for still linking up with me during my downtime(I redirected my domain when I upgrading my website)

So, I would like to ask for your opinion for this.
Charlie Tan

lady influence said...

thanks charlie tan..

but what tool did you use in checking my SERP standing?

yes i noticed your back in blogspot. why is that? i left you a comment at your blog..

RollinMao said...


Actually I didn't use any tool but just the Google search engine to check. Haha... Just a small trick to make sure how to target the most audience search engine. If you read my blog, there is a post regarding the localized Google. Check it out.

Actually my blogspot is just another platform to get traffic... haha... and maybe some inlinks. Hehe. So, often I will post my excerpts there.

Charlie Tan

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