Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sucessfully Received My Adsense Payment Through Western Union

Finally I got my adsense payment. All the hard efforts to make money online have been rewarded!

Last November 28 I received my first Adsense Payment which is over $200. Google sent my payment through Western Union last November 26 but I learned of it in the 28th day already. I could have claimed the money on the 27th had I known of the payment earlier.

In claiming my adsense money from Western Union all I did was to fill up the Western Union form for receiving money. The data required in filling up the form included the MTCN, the amount involved/to be received and the name and address of sender. I also presented two valid IDs. That was basically it. After a few minutes I already received my adsense earnings. By the way, I received the money in dollars and afterwards converted it to peso at western union still. Compared to receiving checks, the Western Union option is the best, fast, easy and secure.


RollinMao said...

Congrats on your payment!

lady influence said...

thanks rollinmao.. im hoping to get my payout again by january 08..

take care.

sami said...


Dropship Design said...

lucky... now i feel the need to put up adsense :S im always in need of free moneys!

Drunken Dragon said...

How much WU Cost?

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