Monday, December 24, 2007

Teens Resort To Sex For Money

Reports of Teens resorting to sex for money saddens me. Everyone needs money but do people need to engage in some kind of prostitution to get it. Prostitution is a dirty work. Although I hate to judge the people who do this kind filthy source of income, but come on people you can do more than just offering your bodies for sex. You can do a better, more decent work and yet make a decent amount of income. Prostitution as far as am concerned springs more from laziness and not poverty. Success in every endeavor requires hard work and a little bit of luck for some.

Looking back, the selling of flesh for money is the sphere of the adults, now it has become a job for many teenagers and underage children. The world has gone mad and seeing more and more teens and children selling their bodies for some cash is alarming. I am not a teen anymore, but back then I always knew how to make money with just a small money as capital. I would buy a pack of candies and sell it to my friends and I earn money. I do work for other people and get paid. Money comes to me as a teenager through decent ways that I can be proud of. Teens can even make money online, in the same way that I make money online despite having to battle school and blogging together. It's possible and I encourage teens to use the web decently to make money. Its difficult at the very beginning but it gets easier along the way. If you don't like blogging or facing the web to generate cash, its not bad to apply for work at restaurants or even do tutorials for younger children or walk dogs for some dollars. Oftentimes the opportunities are there, it's us the people who don't take time to find them.


RollinMao said...

Whenever there's a demand, there's a supply. But I just dun understand why they need to go for underages...
The most likely reasons that they want to make money by selling their body is that,
1) they need the money fast
2) they dun want to learn anything else.
That's not the right way to earn money, but people just thinks that they have no choice.
Even in Singapore....

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