Friday, December 28, 2007

Watch Me Bang My Wife

Slow down guys and gals, this is not pornography or sex article. I was checking my site A Lady's Confessions , moments ago and made some template tweaks, I noticed this link unit advertisement from google. The ad says "Watch Me Bang My Wife". The ad showed up on the article I wrote about the "Possibility of Men Giving Birth". See the ad below. That's not the live ad. Just a snapshot!

So google actually advertises porn sites? I'm just curious as I was surprised by this kind of ad appearing on my blog. That's the first ad I noticed tending to promote pornography. It could just be a strategy of the advertiser though to put some interesting, eye catching title for his ad, and get more visitors and make more money. What do you think?

Anyway, I told you guys about my Adsense experiment on Payday Loans . The money I made with Payday Loans experiment is fluctuating though. Some days high, some days low. I need more time before I can give a better judgment. So please bear with me.


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