Tuesday, January 1, 2008

December 2007 Earnings Report

It's now time to reveal how much money this Filipina has earned for the whole month of December though blogging. Let me break it down for you.

The Total Money I have made for December: is $700 plus (actually received). This is considerably a big money compared to my previous earnings. This is due to the availability of Paypal in the Philippines which has opened more doors for us Filipinos to make money online.

click images to enlarge

The images above are the screenshots of the $500 I withdraw to my EON Electron Visa Card last December 30 2007 and the $100 I also withdraw on December 21, 2007. So that's $600 withdrawal all in all. The other $100 was sent through my e-gold account. I also have pending money in my Paypal Account right now.

So where did this $700 came from? If you have read my blog you can answer that. But most of the earnings came from private deals. I still have pending money from Adsense for December earnings, Clickbooth, Voxant, Clixsense etc. I think Clickbooth will pay early this January. I'm still waiting. For a list of earning sites check out my post here.

As for my Payday Loan and Consolidate Debt Loan Experiment, today a click was worth $1.90. The experiment is still an on going process. I have a good SERP for Payday Loan and Consolidate Debt Loan. I need a targeted traffic for these keywords to make more money from Adsense.

December 2007 is one of my best month in terms of making money online. I have found more ways to make money, got better SERP for a lot of keywords, was able to get more backlinks after this blog was penalized by google, made more friends online, got more visitors coming to my blogs, and made it to the Rank 6 of The Mindanao's Top 100 Blogs for 2007. Check the screenshot below.

That Rank 6 blog in there is this blog spaceofinfluence.blogspot.com. The only blogspot blog in the top 10. What an honor! This tells me to do more, do better in blogging. I think this wraps my December 2007 Make Money and Blogging Adventure. I don't know what lies ahead for this blog and my other blogs in 2008. (Oops, School's back in a few days! Exams will be scheduled!)

Anyway, I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year! More blessings for all bloggers!


Anonymous said...



wow congrats.

and more earnings
for 2008.

Good Luck!

lady influence said...

thanks a lot guys!

hi stentorized..

that's my hope for 2008 more earnings.. but school is back and I doubt if i can devote more time in blogging.. ..

anyway, i hope the same for you-- MORE EARNINGS this 2008! Good luck!

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