Monday, January 7, 2008

Where Did My Earnings Go?

With all the hard effort I put in making money online, I deserved a reward, right? That $700 worth of online earnings is almost equivalent to 30thousand pesos. Yes, 30 thousand pesos for the month of December only. I still leap for joy now, well, not literally. I'm earning even more than the money a regular government employee makes per month! The feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment is just unexplainable. I crave for more money this January, hopefully, God permits!

So where did my earnings go? Part of it goes to my savings account, the other part will go to my sister since I owe her about 13thousand for the additional computers we bought for our computer business at home. The remaining money? I bought a new Sony Cybershot DSC S-800. I know it's not the latest most advanced version but it's still a good camera and I just love it. My Sony Cybershot DSC S-800 just turned 1 day old a few minutes ago.Hehhehe.. Yes I bought it just yesterday at CDO. It was priced originally at 14,995 pesos, but good heavens the price was lowered on that same day I bought the digicam. Other stores are still selling it for 14 thousand pesos and above. But I bought it for 10,800 pesos, complete with charger, tripod, additional 1 gig memory, camera case, etc. I believe the Sony Cybershot DSC S-800 was really meant for me.Hahhaha.. It was just there waiting for me to take it home..

Look at the photos below, that's my Sony Cybershot DSC S-800.

sony cybershot dsc s800(Sony Cybershot DSC S-800)

As for the Specifications

Sony Cybershot S800 camera features
• Powerful 6x optical zoom lens
• 8.1 effective Megapixels
• 1/1.8-inch Super HAD CCD
• High sensitivity ISO 1250
• User-friendly Function Guide and Direct Play button
• Stylish design with full metal body
• Large 2.5-inch, 230K dots LCD screen
• Up to 390 shot shooting STAMINA

Sony DSC-S800 key features
• 8.1 effective Megapixels
• 6x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom, up to 30 smart zoom
• ISO 1250 high sensitivity (REI) for shooting in low-light situations
• Large 2.5-inch (6.2cm) LCD screen
• Silver full metal body, compact design
• 56MB internal memory
• High quality Sony lens
• 2cm macro for close-up shooting
• Easy operation with an on-screen function guide
• 16:9 mode for playback on a widescreen TV
• Motion-JPEG (30 fps movie mode with audio)
• PictBridge for direct connection to printer without need for PC
• STAMINA battery life, up to 390 shots (CIPA standard with LCD screen on)
• In box: 2x NiMH batteries, charger, AV & USB cables, wrist strap and software
• On-screen menu in choice of 15 languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

What do you think?

Anyway, i'd end my post here. I just want to share my joy and delight that's been brought about by making money online. You too can make money online. Good luck!


Anonymous said...


lady influence said...

thanks a lot whoever you are.

Asdix said...

hey there!

thanks for the tip bout the adsense thingy.. hehe
i hate reading google's TOS... its too long.. hehe

oh.. thats cool. hope to earn as much as you did someday.. anyways, i learned from kirby that we actually live at the same city.. hehe

hold-apon tka! heheh

i'd like to meet you someday.. and actually get first hand tips with no fees i hope.hehehe

im gonna stalk you. hehehe

lady influence said...

what taga iligan ka? oi asdix ha, baka kaila rata..heheheh..

i'll be glad to meet you too.. asa ka skul? sanitarium? hahahaha... ask kirby about my email and we could talk further..hehehhehe..

kirbitz said...

Congratulations lady!

Wow ha. . nice to know! ;)

Uy, my PR plunged to 0 as well. . :(

Pero ok ra, bawi rako next time. I see you and asdix are atarting to get along.hehe

lady influence said...

what?? which blog? are you sure? baka nasaup rako. c maher pud he thought na zero iya page rank but checking it, PR-3 man. check daw again..

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