Friday, January 18, 2008

Easy $3

I just received my easy $3 from DayTipper dot com. That's the first money I made from the site. The little amount still brings a lot of smile on my face. The easy $3 is the payment for a tip I submitted to the site. You can therefore make money from the tips you know. The more tips, the more money you will make. So anyway, if you want to know what DayTipper is, you can check this post.

Below is the screenshot of the money sent to my paypal account.

Daytipper doesn't pay that fast. You have to do a lot of waiting. In my case it's a month or close to a month before I got paid. So now, I'm thinking of like 6 tips to submit for the month of January. I'm willing to wait for the payment. A month of waiting is bearable. For more ways to make money online, subscribe to my blog and get updates straight to your mailbox.


my paid 2 blog said...

thanks for visiting my blog and also add my link

Bingo Online said...

ah - but i heard from someone who submitted plenty of tips but got none approved?

lady influence said...

hi bingo online.. tip approval takes some time. but it's worth the wait. tips may not be approved if there are already tips submitted similar to it. also tips should be original to be accepted or at least unique and is not yet in their lists of tips.

Maximillian Gunther said...

Wow, this info is soo cool. Thank you. I'll give it a try :-D

Drunken Dragon said...

Uhh.. lots of waiting for just a little money. I dont like it

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