Monday, January 14, 2008

More Money Deposited in My Eon Card!

Just very fresh, I have close to 6thousand pesos deposited in my account a few hours ago. This is another proof that it's very possible to make money online. Here is the screenshot. Click the image to enlarge. Take note of the time so that you won't think it's an old deposit.

Click this image to enlarge it.

I'm expecting to receive my money from adsense this week as well. For list of my money making sites, you can click here. But if you want I started a blog purely dedicated to teach you how to make money online. It's called Pinoy Dollar Quest. There's a lot of things going on with this blog and my readers can get lost. Hehheheh.. Anyway. Good luck on your quest to make money online.


Dzelque said...

I see you're using my template and have the comment box misaligned. I've fix the code to make sure the comment box is ok. You can download it again from my blog.

Anonymous said...


checked your new blog its good.. update it please. i want to know how to make money online, step by step.

playah said...

Hi, I see that you are also monetizing your blog using adsense like I do. I just found a similar service but with audio ads and also pays for every visitor as opposed to every click. This looks like a good oppurtunity and is open till the 1st of Feb 2008. So if you would like to cash in, pl check Monetize your Blog

lady influence said...

thanks.. i know my blog needs updating. im just busy..i will update that soon..

as for you playah, i am already a member of the site you are talking about..thanks anyway..

do visit again.

my paid 2 blog said...

dear sirs,

i found ur blog very useful. i'm still newbie in making money online. i'm blogging at i am very interested to exchange link with you. i've added ur link. thanks. best regard for me, from Indonesian Blogger...

lady influence said...

sure my paid to blog.. you can check your link in my blog roll now.. thanks for visiting my blog..

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