Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Blog's The Only PR-0 in the Top20 for the Keyword "Make Money Online"

It's a big accomplishment to have made it to the top 20 for the keyword "make money online" considering that I know very very little about SEO. It's pretty impressive I think because this blog is barely a year old plus considering this is a blogspot blog.

I was browsing google checking the sites linking to my blog and I notice Pqinternet appearing in the results. Not really linking to this blog but it made mentioned of my blog so ordinarily it would appear when I searched for the links pointing to this blog.

Pqinternet is authored by Fred Black and he did a good analysis of the top 20 websites for the keyword "make money online" and this site sits happily at rank 16 just above DoshDosh one of the websites i read on a regular basis.

Here are the screenshots:

Number 16 is this blog you are reading right now!

Now as for the Page Ranks of those in the Top 20 for "make money online" here's the screenshot. Although you can visit Pqinternet for the original results!

If you notice I'm the only blog in the top 20 with a Page Rank of Zero. It's a bit of a shame. Google punished this blog but I'm hoping to get my PR back. What can you deduce from this result? One of the theories I can derive from this is that Page Rank is not the indicative of your Search Engine Placement or SERP. Take a look at my blog and take a look at Mashable which has a page rank of 7 and yet it's at top 20. Or take a look at Carlo's website which has PR of 3 but outranked all of us including those with high PRs. By the way Carlo is a filipino just like me. He is from Manila and I am from Mindanao. And if I'm not mistaken, we are the only Filipino blogs which managed to make it to the top 20 for the keyword despite the tough competition. And if you notice out of 20 websites there are 5 blogspot sites. Would it be right if I presume Google loves blogs!

Anyway, making it to the top 20 for the keyword i am targeting from the very beginning means I'm on the right track. It's only a matter of maintaining and improving my rank. I wonder what will happen to my rank if I get my Page Rank back?


bruxism said...

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you about this achievement! As a webmaster, I know is not easy to reach such a position.
But to answer your question... a bigger PR doesn't really mean better SERP. Actually, at this PR update, even though my PR increase, the SERP are down with two places...
SEO is still full of mistery.

lady influence said...

thanks a lot bruxism.. yes i believe so. high PR does not necessarily mean good SERP nor does Low PR means low SERP..

Congrats on your PR increase..I wish I'd see a PR for this blog soon enough.

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