Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Easy Way To Make Money Even Without A Website

If you don't have a website or blog because you have a full time job or because you are still schooling you can still make money online. I have found another easy way to make money online without maintaining a blog- it's called ReviewStream. This is ideal for those without websites and those who have websites or blogs already that do not have Page Rank and thus not susceptible to full monetization.

What's Reviewstream?
From the term itself it's about Reviews. But what differentiates it from other Review sites are the following:

1. You don't need a blog to post your reviews in.
2. You don't look for review offers but rather make your own reviews. You can write about anything. You can review your cellphone, your camera, your laptop, the last movie you watched, your expensive jewelry, your favorite restaurant, etc. You won't run out of things to review and thus you make money depending on how many reviews you make.

You can even review your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife!!! Hahahahah! I also laughed when I learned this but it's true. Take a look at the screenshot below! If you have plenty of boyfriends or girlfriends go ahead am sure you'll have lots of things to share.

click to enlarge

And oh don't worry about your partner knowing about your review you can use a pen name..hehehehhe..

Every review is paid $2 or paid in bulk. The minimum payout is $50 and payment is sent through paypal. I just made my first review and it was approved. Take a look at the screenshot of the email I received this morning.

This is a legitimate earning site. I haven't got my pay but this is not a scam site. Trust me. I've seen it this site being reviewed by famous bloggers with proof of payment. It's just now that I decide to try it. I will make another 5 reviews today. So 5 reviews everyday 5 times a week, I can easily reach the $50 payout. To get your payment you need to make a formal request. Since there is no schedule for payment I suppose as long as you reach the payout you can request for payment and get your money ASAP.

If you decide to join this earning site let's race to the $50 mark. (lol) Just do let me know if this earning site works well on you. Go to ReviewStream website- click here!


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