Sunday, February 17, 2008

Make Money With BlgAds

Pay Per Click Programs are still one of the best ways to make money from. Google Adsense for instance has been dominating this field for a long time. But Google Adsense is very strict. For instance one blogger got banned for mentioning the word "p*nis" and the banning took place more than 6months after the article containing that word was written. And the blog concerned was receiving thousands of visitors a day. What a loss! I still couldn't get the reason for the disparity between the time the violative article was written and the time the account was banned.

Google Adsense is really strict, that's why bloggers should always be on guard and read the TOS every now and then. I am running a celebrity blog and it gets a decent amount of traffic everyday but it has no adsense ads on it. You probably guessed why.

My latest discovery is BlgAds. It's a pay per click program which I intend to use instead of adsense. BlgAds works like any ppc programs. You display ads in your blog, ranging from different shapes and sizes-banners, buttons, and you get paid when someone clicks on the ads. Basically almost the same as other ppc programs. But take note, the program has a low minimum payout of $30. Not only that you can request for payment once you reach that amount and within 7 days from request you will get your payment. That's better than waiting for a month to get your pay like what most PPC programs offer. The mode of payment is wire transfer which is very ideal. You can get your money ASAP. However there is a $15 fee for wire transfers!

Looking at the brighter side, in my case I don't like to wait for my withdrawal in paypal to be completed, then wait for days again to see the money in my eon account. I think I can handle the $15 fee besides, that's my share of getting the hard earned money quick. But I would be more happy if I see the fee lowered to $5. But hey, BlgAds is currently working on adding other payment methods. So we can hope that they add paypal in the list.

In sum, I don't think it hurts to try out new ppc and blog advertising network. The more ppc programs there is in the blogosphere the more choices bloggers have in monetizing and making money online. These ppc programs will also compete with each other. Each will try to give the best offers to publishers which will work out to our advantage.


Mark said...

I'll try this one myself. Thanks for sharing.

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