Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogger Is Now Available in Filipino

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I got surprised by the recent development in blogger. Blogger is actually now available in Filipino Language. Yeheeeeeeey! Blogger has acknowledged the growing presence of Filipino bloggers in the blogosphere! Go pinoys! Let's rule the net! Hehehehhe!

I'm quoting what Pete said:

This is a quick post to announce that, in addition to Blogger’s recent improvements and fixes, we are now available in Filipino.

There is already a very strong blogging community in the Philippines, and we’re very happy to support that and be a part of it. Want a taste? Start with our friend Aileen and keep clicking!


Thanks a lot Pete for this good news! Well, i don't really know you but you could drop by and leave a comment in my humble blog and put a happy smile on my face. (smiles!)


Mark said...

Yeah! :)

Angeline Lancaster said...

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