Monday, February 18, 2008

ClickBooth Proof of Payment

A lot of people have talked about Clickbooth as scam and not paying them. I feel sorry for those people who were not paid by clickbooth. Clickbooth must have good reasons for not paying you. This company is strict as well and they would look into the validity of every sale, lead you bring to them. If you use fraud in bringing sales to them, they'll find that out and will freeze your money or even deactivate your account.

Clickbooth is not a scam and I got paid for January Earnings today! You can refer to the screenshots below.
clickbooth proof of paymentclickbooth paymentClick images to enlarge
I don't have a premiere account that's the reason for the huge fee from paypal.

Now that you have seen proof of payment, it's on your part to act on whether to join or not. By the way, just a little information once more:

  • Clickbooth pays you for leads, sales you bring,
  • the minimum payout is $50
  • the mode of payment is by check or paypal
  • there are thousands of products|items to sell
  • 24/7 customer support

I am a living proof that clickbooth pays. If you need help with clickbooth just let me know and I'll do what I can to help you. If you want to know more about clickbooth, you can go their site using this link.

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Mark said...

I'll be testing Clickbooth in the future. Thanks for sharing.

lady influence said...

good luck mark.. i'm sure you can make money from them... and thanks for visiting my blog.

julia said...

hi there! diba sinabi mo sa PMT, na nag withdraw ka using 'bank account' gamit ung EON? do u have a post detailing it?

fresh verified pa lang kase ako for expanded use and i wanna withdraw na all of my $450 di ko alam kung saan mas maganda iwithdraw kung sa card ba o sa 'bank account' pero diretso din sa card.

please help me.please.
i wanna do this right away.
please? :)

lady influence said...

hi julia.. yes naka withdraw na ako through my eon debit card's bank account number- yung 12 digits. mas madali if sa bank account. .

eto nga pala yung post ko about it.

Sucessful Withdrawal to Eon Bank Account Number

Anonymous said...

Clickbooth pays some the first month. Until you have a good month normally. It's not just a "few" people that didn't get paid.
cites probably 10 different people, and more are appearing in the forum threads mentioned. Such things do not exist for larger networks like copeac or cpaempire.
There's no good reason for this.
Please, at least disclaimer this post.

SuperSEMJake said...

slightlyshady seo - people like you make me sick - your trying to prey on honest affiliates fears. Anyone thats been in the biz for more than a week knows Clickbooth is the best network when it comes to payments. Stop SPAMMing - SlightlyShady, Sounds more like SUPERSHADY! hehe


peter said...

My name is peter, and I’m a online publish as well, I joined clickbooth for many months, I had never miss a payment. Clickbooth always pay me on time and trust me, working with them will only make your dream go higher. Please ignore those who try to spam those who are opposing them, they just wanted to bring down the business.

Anonymous said...

@supersemjake: Ooo aren't we the witty one? You keep your pathetic jokes, I'll keep my checks.
There's a lot of debate about CB. I covered my end of it. If you don't like it, you can shove off.
Wannabes like yourself are a dime a dozen.

make money online ramblings said...

Well sounds like a good company, seems that some people are negative about clickbooth though...i will check them out though..

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