Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hubpages: Why It Doesnt Work For Me!

You probably have heard about Hubpages and how people have increased their adsense earnings incredibly by joining this site. I don't know why I seem to always read good things about hubpages but I have not seen a lot of proof of money from hubpages. Well, a few have shown some screenshots of cents they earned from adsense ads on their hubs.

I've been with hubpages for quite a while now, made about 3 hubs I guess but I haven't earned not a single cent from adsense despite all the impressions and the visits my hubs get. I had raised the bar high for hubpages but it turned out to be a disappointment. I get zero since the time I joined and "hubpages" does not even show up in my adsense account as a channel to track down impressions. Does that mean I don't get visits for all the 3 hubs in hubpages? Definitely not. I could track my traffic to my hubs and hubpages even sends reports of how many visitors visited my hubs.

In the end, Hubpages does not increase my adsense earnings. It has not generated any revenue for me. Making money with Hubpages does not sound a good idea for me. I'd rather go on and experiment with the words like "shampoos","lotions", "creams", "gold" to incorporate in my blogs' post and get good pay per click on the ads. I don't want to go on again wasting my time writing hubs at hubpages!

You may have a different story to tell. Perhaps on your part it was a success! Perhaps Hubpages is an effective way to make money. You could tell me and perhaps share just how you did it. You might convince me after all to try my luck with Hubpages again!


Mark said...

I have never heard of it. I'll try visiting it after this comment. Thanks.

lady influence said...

you are welcome mark.do let me know what you think of hubpages..

Jason Menayan said...

I'm sorry HubPages didn't work for you. We definitely don't bill HubPages as a get-rich scheme, and you have to make a long-term, concerted effort in order to be successful. Our best authors are earning hundreds and even thousands per month, but they've published over 100 Hubs and have been patient as Google/Yahoo slowly built traffic to them.

Feel free to give it a shot again, if you choose, and don't be surprised if those 3 you did publish start to get more traffic as time goes on.

lady influence said...

thanks for dropping by Jason. So you are from Hubpages? Wow, I didn't know you'd notice this post. So anyway, i'll think about giving hubpages another shot.. and if by that time i get to really earn I'll make another post about my progress. :)

The Gizmole! said...

Great blog Keep up the good work!

Drop by one of mine and let me know what you think?


lovely said...

Hmmm...you will have to be more patient on making your hubs. checkout this blog for more massive traffic and tips for your hubs.

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