Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Incredible $250 Earnings From Hits4pay

I still can't believe that someone could earn that much from Hits4pay. I joined hits4pay not that long ago and I only have $13 in my account. Well, I did not read the emails nor click the ads. But definitely not anymore now. Here's the proof of the $250 money someone earned from Hits4pay

hits4pay, proof of payment hits4payclick to enlarge

I don't think the image is altered. The picture looks real and clean. So it can't be altered. Hits4pay is a a paid to read, paid to click program. Although I don't ordinarily recommend these type of earning sites because of the low pay per click that one could get, perhaps I'll make hits4pay an exception and recommend the site. This is the first time I ever heard of this amount of revenue from hits4pay that any member of the site could make. But anything (almost) is possible now.

You could visit the site and perhaps for curiousity's sake try your luck with this program. It's for free and with a $10 sign up bonus, and with a minimum of $25 payout. Visit Hits4pay here!

Also as an update into the money I have made from AWSurveys, I have $67 already which means I am $8 short for the payout. I hope to reach the payout this week and see the money in my paypal account.


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