Monday, March 31, 2008

$250 for 5 Referrals (SCAM)

This sounds really too good to be true. Well, it's worth a try. Anything with a possibility to make money is worth a try, especially if it is for free. I am talking of CustomOrderThis. Here's how this thing works guys. To make money from this program you need to complete offers. Almost similar to how treasuretrooper, cashcrate work. But the best part about this earning site is the referral program. Incredible prizes awaits the member who gets many referrals.
This is how my dashboard looks like.
click image to enlarge

I am a recent member of the site so no proof of payment yet. I need to get 5 referrals to be paid. If I get 5 referrals I get paid $250 in my paypal account! There are other prizes for all the referrals a member brings, both in cash and in kinds - gadgets, ipods, etc. The highest money is for 20 referrals which is equivalent to $1000.

Now the challenge is for me to get 5 referrals to really know if this site pays. It's hard to convince you to join an earning site with no proof of payment. But I am convincing you to join under my referral for the sake of determining the legitimacy of this earning program. If I get paid you know it is a legitimate program. You can join the program under my referral- CustomOrderThis. I just hope this is not another scam site like PBCASH! Sooner, I'll find out! To those who would join under my referral, thanks in advance. It sure means a lot! :)

UPDATE: Proof of Payments

I am including proof of payments I found online. Imagine if this site is really legit. We could make lots of money from this. It's worth a try guys. Of course, I am not a hypocrite I would want you to join under my referral. The faster I reach the 5 referrals the earlier I get paid, the earlier we'll find out if this site is as true as it says it is. So I urge you to be my referral. I am willing to help my referrals get referrals too. You help me I help you. How's that?!

UPDATE: For me to be credited for the referrals i bring to customorderthis, my referrals must complete at least one offer. I also need to complete an offer. However I found out that most of the offers are available to the United States and Canada only. Since I am from the Philippines, I am having a hard time finding an offer to complete. To all my referrals please complete an offer and urge your referrals as well to complete an offer.

UPDATE: Site is inaccessible. It's a scam!
Don't join!


Anonymous said...

just joined under you.

jen said...

hi..i really want to join under you but when I click on just require my password n how i'm going to sign up??please help me,,

stylishmomy said...


Thank you for this post. I want to sign up under you, but how can I complete and offer. Please advice. Thank you.

lady said...

Sorry to disappoint you all guys but the site is now inaccessible. I guess it's a scam after all.. :(

Drunken Dragon said...

I think it's better if you write "this is a scam site" at the top of your post. Thanks Lady

lady said...

thanks drunken dragon. I will edit the post..:)

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