Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Much Money I made in March 2008?

March is a not a so good month for me. There were so many unexpected things that came my way. Things that were obstacles in my quest to make more money online. The biggest obstacle is school examination. The preparation although it was a cramming one took a lot of my time from blogging. Cramming for an examination is exhausting. I always cram for examinations in the past 2 years. I used not to, until blogging came to my life and boredom in studying my lessons and going to school struck me. School is not always fun.

Another obstacle was my internet connection. I'm using broadband but sometimes I can't connect online. Weather conditions could have contributed to this problem. Some of my blogs' PR dropped as well which had a huge impact on my earnings. So anyway, let's go straight to the meat of this post.

My earnings for this month:

click image to enlarge

$480- from all the earning sites I am in except adsense. For quick money check this.
$166- Adsense earnings which I will be receiving this March 30. I always count my adsense earnings as part of the earnings on the month that I receive them.
$90- pending earnings as it is still March 27,2008.

Total= $736 or 29,808 in Peso Currency

All other payments I shall be receiving on the first week of April shall be counted as part of my April earnings.

I am not satisfied with the money I have made this month. I was aiming for $1000 for this month so that I can finance my "review" these months of April and onwards. I have to push myself to do more and work on affiliate marketing. If only I could pull in additional $500 a month from affiliate marketing programs. That's a challenge I am imposing on myself at the moment. I need to develop an affiliate marketing scheme or strategy that will work for me with less of a cost. I will talk more about affiliate marketing and programs next time.

To my readers who wish to make money online, dream big, work hard, and never quit!


EntrepreNars said...

wow anggaling! Kainggit...=]
Yung earnings ko online, wala pa sa 1/8 ng earnings mo..

lady influence said...


you will get there soon..
but i just want to tell you that i have plenty of blogs that i make money from. This blog "make money online" is the lowest earner among my blogs. Start making new blogs now and you'll find uses for them sooner.

doorlight said...

Same here. I also got affected with the PR thing.

I am actually SEOiiing my new blog, i hope it gets higher PR on the next update!

Take care.

Scott said...

That is still a good amount of money. I just started blogging and can't wait till I can make that money. By the way I have book marked your site, its GREAT!

Dexter : said...

Good earnings.. @ Lady and dami mo palang racket he he..

explorer said...

I'm interested in blogging, and would like to know how long you've been blogging. Your earnings on this blog are impressive to me, even if this is your lowest earning blog. How long does it typically take to reach this level of income? Thanks!


lady influence said...

hi dex.. thanks sa visit.. yup ang dami na nga talaga.. kung minsan nalilito ako sa maga passwords..hehehhe.. but I thank GOD for all the blessings. Student pa rin ako, but i get to earn a good amount of money.. di ba bongga..hehehe.. :)

lady influence said...

i have been blogging for almost a year now but I've been active for only 9 can earn really quick if you have a good ranking blog both PR and traffic considered.. it requires a lot of effort to reach the income i get now on a monthly basis.. and i have lots of blogs too..

explorer said...

Thanks for your quick reply! I appreciate your help. It's inspiring to know that this kind of thing can be done in possibly a year. I've bookmarked this great blog. Best wishes.

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